December 5, 2023

EVVTOL Tech Nation

Engineering & Tech Career's and Recruiting Network In Aerospace eVTOL, Aviation, Automotive, Marine, Motorcycle, Mobility Industry & Motorsport!


EVVTOL Tech Nation

EVVTOL Tech Nation

EVVTOL Tech Nation is reimagining a pathway to 21st Century engineering & technology innovations.

The critical role we are undertaking at EVVTOL Tech Nation is to:

  • Bring focus to the fields of engineering and tech employment for future growth and sustainability.
  • Facilitate and bridge together visionaries, engineers, and technical support staff through leadership.
  • Address the shortage of personnel!
  • Solve the world’s toughest problems head on with qualified engineering and technical support staff for future employment in automotive, aviation, VTOL, aerospace, marine, motorcycle, and mobility employment needs.

Our mission is to Attract and Educate and Inspire (AEI) next generation of engineers and technical professionals in the fields of aerospace- eVTOL, aviation, automotive, marine, motorcycle, mobility and motorsport engineering, and technical careers.

Groundbreaking in scope and mission critical for EVVTOL Tech Nation, is to introduce the (AEI) plan to the EVVTOL Career Summit as a component to the largest EVVTOL Tech Show Expo.

To restate the objectives of the (AEI) the EVVTOL Tech Nation Advisory Council is to focus its efforts aimed at exposing advanced engineering and technological innovations to a diverse audience to all the diverse applications that are integral to automotive, aerospace eVTOL, aviation, marine, motorcycle, mobility, and motorsport viability.

The EVVTOL tech Nation Advisory Council will develop the (AEI) plan in its focus toward middle school, high school, and college students as well other individuals looking a more meaningful and fulfilling career opportunities in these forward focused industrial solutions and pursuits.

Tech Workforce Foundation:

Investing in the future of young people through employment and career development is crucial, especially in the rapidly evolving tech industry. By funding students in tech programs related to the aerospace, automotive, aviation, marine, mobility, and motorcycle industries, the Tech Workforce Foundation can play a significant role in preparing individuals for the workforce.

By supporting students in these fields, we can provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their careers. We can also assist in the growing demand for skilled professionals in industries such as aerospace, automotive, aviation, marine, mobility, and motorcycle.


  • EVVTOL a new corporation branding itself as the most Influential global future technology show / expo event organization by strategically positioning itself to successfully facilitate EV, E Aviation and E VTOL Aerospace, E Marine transportation industry clients with their needs!
  • EVVTOL’s goal is to showcase the EV, E Aviation, E VTOL E Marine industry and introduce the major EV & VTOL Aerospace vehicles and component manufactures in the e-tech world by unveiling and displaying cutting-edge EV & E-VTOL, Battery technology.
  • EVVTOL mission is to introduce multiple technology shows & expos including influential high-level EV business summits based on the dual themes of business engagement with key manufacturers working in the EV & E mobility Industry, energy vehicle information technology, battery and charging infrastructure Industry. These events are excellent opportunities to learn about and discuss the latest future transportation technology innovative tech advancements in EV industry, and the battery energy challenges that still remain.

19200 Von Karman Avenue, Irvine, CA, 92612

 877-4EV-VTOL (877-438-8865)

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