December 5, 2023

EVVTOL Tech Nation

Engineering & Tech Career's and Recruiting Network In Aerospace eVTOL, Aviation, Automotive, Marine, Motorcycle, Mobility Industry & Motorsport!

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EVVTOL Tech Nation is reimagining an AEI pathway to 21st century engineering, technology & tech careers & job fairs events!

EVVTOL Tech Nation is dedicated to promoting the growth and sustainability of engineering, technology, and tech careers. The organization is working towards this goal by attracting, educating, and inspiring future engineers and technical support staff.

  • One of the key objectives of EVVTOL Tech Nation is to bring focus to the fields of engineering, technology, and tech careers. By doing so, the organization hopes to address the shortage of personnel in these areas and promote future growth and sustainability.
  • Another important aspect of EVVTOL Tech Nation’s work is to facilitate collaboration and bridge together visionaries, engineers, and technical support staff through leadership. This can help to create a more cohesive and effective workforce that is better able to tackle complex engineering and technical challenges.
  • EVVTOL is also focused on assisting people and veterans with specific career paths in engineering and technology, particularly in industries like automotive, aviation, VTOL, aerospace, marine, motorcycle, and mobility. By improving the recruitment journey through collaborative workplaces and employment, including special event recruitment and virtual career fairs, EVVTOL Tech Nation hopes to create the best possible engineering, technology, and tech job environment for job seekers and veterans for technical careers. 

Discover Engineering & Tech Talent with EVVTOL, Local and Virtual Career Events.

Local and virtual events connect employers and recruiters with skilled, engaged candidates seeking their next career opportunity.
EVVTOL Tech Nation calendar of virtual networking events spans across multiple areas of focus in engineering & tech, specific skillsets and a broad range of industries and locations.
The EVVTOL virtual platform allows you to connect with candidates through text, audio or video.

Engineering & Tech Recruitment & Career Job Fairs

Engineering & Tech Recruitment Events

Aviation Tech Recruiting
E Tech Recruiting
Tech Job Staffing

Engineering & Tech Career & Job Fair Events

Aerospace Career Fair
Aerospace Tech Career Fair
Automotive Tech Career Fair
Aviation Career Fair
Aviation Tech Career Fair
Career Job Fair
Engineer Career Fair
Marine Tech Career Fair

Engineering & Tech Recruitment & Career job Fairs

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